Identifying Basketball Performance Indicators

Identifying Basketball Performance Indicators

von: Raphael Mhiripiri

GRIN Verlag , 2022

ISBN: 9783346772589 , 13 Seiten

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Identifying Basketball Performance Indicators


Seminar paper from the year 2015 in the subject Sport - Theory and Practice, , language: English, abstract: Basketball like any other sport has shown a great deal of use of technology in sport performance enhancing and monitoring. It is an unfamiliar territory in Zimbabwe especially at grassroots level due to lack of resources. However, this advancement in the use of technology has defined great sporting excellence. In the paper, data was collected in real time using the FIBA Europe Stats suite. The data comprised of sixteen basketball performance indicators. The main purpose of this study was to identify those critical performance indicators that most distinguish between winning and losing performances in the AUSC games 2014. The statistical analysis was done for 15 games, the performance indicators determining the winning side and losing side varied across different matches that is in balanced matches (12 points different and below), unbalanced matches (14 to 63 points difference), very unbalanced (63 and over) and in matches where the teams met twice. In balanced matches with close scores of 12 and below the critical performance indicators which showed great significance in determining the winning side in the order of significance were defensive rebounds (p<0.05), offensive rebounds (p<0.05), assists (p<0.05). In teams which met twice in the competition, successful free throws (p<0.05), assists (p<0.05), turnovers (p<0.05) and defensive rebounds determined the winning side.