Theory and Practice in Second Language Teacher Identity - Researching, Theorising and Enacting

Theory and Practice in Second Language Teacher Identity - Researching, Theorising and Enacting

von: Karim Sadeghi, Farah Ghaderi

Springer-Verlag, 2022

ISBN: 9783031131615 , 312 Seiten

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Theory and Practice in Second Language Teacher Identity - Researching, Theorising and Enacting


This book brings together the current theory, research and practical perspectives from different parts of the world on language teacher identity in an attempt to better understand the nature of identities teachers in different contexts develop. By linking theory to pedagogy, the book examines how second language teacher identities are shaped and explores the various links between teacher identities and variables that affect the formation of identities. Theory and Practice in Second Language Teacher Identity includes a foreword by Jack Richards (University of Sydney and RELC), an afterword by Peter de Costa (Michigan State University) and holds 20 invited chapters by established and active scholars and teacher educators to discuss the various aspects of in-service and pre-service second language teacher identity development. It also addresses the way the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted teacher identities and examines under-researched issues, such as the intersection between gender and race in second language teacher identity development and identity construction in second languages other than English.

What does it mean to be a teacher of English as a second language in an age of globalization, new media, technological revolution and de-institutionalized knowledge? How do teachers gain pre-service and in-service expertise, a sense of professional identity, and educational integrity? And how have they dealt with the extra-burden imposed by the pandemic? This thought-provoking volume offers valuable perspectives on these important issues in the professional development of English teachers worldwide. - Prof. Claire Kramsch, University of California, Berkeley, USA.

The way we see ourselves and are seen by others influences our social and professional interactions. Teacher identity and sense of agency is therefore not merely a matter of research interest for it impacts learners and learning, which makes the topic of this book extremely important. With chapters located in a wide range of countries - from USA to Australia via UAE, Thailand and others - and drawing on a variety of research methods, the book synthesizes extant research and develops many new research avenues. It does so not only with theory in mind but with practical lessons for teachers and teacher educators and thus becomes an essential volume for our libraries and studies. - Prof. Michael Byram, University of Durham, UK.

In this compelling collection, co-edited by Karim Sadeghi and Farah Ghaderi, the authors address key questions about language teacher identity in contemporary applied linguistics: What is the relationship between language teacher identity and language teacher agency? To what extent does ideology impact language teacher identity? How do language teachers navigate an increasingly globalized and unequal world? Authors from different regions of the world draw on diverse methodologies to share insightful research on both pre-service and in-service language teacher identity, making an important contribution to applied linguistics and TESOL at a time of great social and educational change. - Prof. Bonny Norton (FRSC), University Killam Professor and Distinguished University Scholar, University of British Columbia, Canada.
'Theory and Practice in Second Language Teacher Identity' captures recent thinking about language teacher identity. The broad array of excellent chapter contributions explores multiple dimensions of identity, from teacher agency and emotions to the disruptive effects of the Covid pandemic on teachers' professional lives and practices. The studies draw on a number of theoretical perspectives and demonstrate the use of both familiar and innovative research methodologies. The relevant topics, the up-to-date bibliographic sources, and the useful research findings make this edited volume an essential addition to your bookshelf. - Prof. Gary Barkhuizen, University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Karim Sadeghi has a PhD from the University of East Anglia (UK) and is a professor of TESOL at Urmia University (Iran). He is the founding editor-in-chief of Iranian Journal of Language Teaching Research (the only Iranian journal in Humanities with a Scopus-SJR-Q1 Top 15% ranking) and serves on the editorial board of several national and international journals including RELC Journal (SAGE), Research in Post Compulsory Education (Routledge), TESOL Journal (Wiley),  Language Testing in Asia (Springer) and Heliyon Education (Elsevier, as Associate Editor). He was selected as Iran's top researcher in Humanities and Social Sciences in 2013 and in English Language/Applied Linguistics in 2018. His recent publications have appeared in RELC Journal, System, Assessing Writing, Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development and English for Specific Purposes Journal. His recent publications include Assessing Second Language Reading (Springer, 2021) and Talking about Second Language Acquisition (Palgrave, 2022).Farah Ghaderi holds a PhD from University Putra Malaysia and is an associate professor of English Literature at Urmia University, Iran. She acts as executive manager of Iranian Journal of Language Teaching Research. Her main research areas include travel and gender studies, otherness, education and postcolonial studies. Her recent research has focused on gender and intercultural encounters and education and has appeared in RELC Journal, Interventions, Journal of Multicultural Discourses, Gender, Place and Culture, Victorian Literature and Culture, Iranian Studies, and Angelaki. Her co-translated work (Robert J C Young's Postcolonialism: A Very Short Introduction) was published in Iran in 2012.